Don't forget these gems

1.  Ukele Orchestra Of Great Britain

   "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly"

     Pay attention to the guy on the far

     right that is doing the whistling

2.  AMBROSE Part 5 and  The Credit Card Song



  • Junior G-Men Of The Air
  • Any of the Flash Gordon serials
  • Dick Tracy serials
  • Rocky Jones -- Space Ranger

Let me know what you think about all these neat things.
Again --- check out the scores and let me know of mistrakes. The files are all in PDF format so you can print them.
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Lou's Corner

Riders Per Event 2019

Times / MAP


I can't believe thst it is 2019 already. Seems that I was saying hello 2018 just a few days ago. Time shur duz fly by when you're having fun --- I guess.

We had 42 riders in January for a total of 212 individual rides. The only record broken was:

Keyhole 40 Plus by Karen Sesler riding Dollar with a time of 6.717.

The old time was 6.787 set back in November 0f 2017.

Great job Karen

These record times STILL need to be broken:
    Keyhole:  Overall: 17-39 set on 08/09

                      Overall: 40 Plus set in ????
    Poles:  Overall: 10 and under set on 03/12 
                 Overall: 17-39 set on 03/11

                 Overall: 40 Plus set on 10/14
    Mountain Cowhorse:

                 Overall: 10 and under set on 12/11

                 Overall: 40 Plus set on 06/14

    Barrels:  Overall: 10 and under set on 10/11
                     Overall: 17-39 set on 04/10
    Flags:  Overall: 10 and under set on 12/09

                 Overall: 40 Plus set on 10/14

    Figure 8 Cowhhorse:

                 Overall: 11 - 16 set on 05/14

                 Overall: 17 - 39 set on 06/13

                 Overall: 40 Plus set on 06/13

WHATCHA waitin' for ????????????

As you all know the Gymks are now being held at the  Pima County & Southwestern Fairgrounds.  It seems that it is fitting us pretty well. haven't heard any complaints about it except for those pesky announcers.

The arena we are using does not have lights. Due to this fact it looked like the evening Gymkhanas were going to have to be cancelled. NO WAY !!!!! "We" have purchased some lights including one of those construction diesel powered four light units and have been setting them up and using them. They pretty well light up the arena - however - nothing like the Wildcat football stadium.

We added a digital score board to our hoard of stuff and it seemed to work out purty good. Besides hearing the score you can now see it.


Any comments ?????? Send me an email. Any input or advice would be great.


If you look at any of the time sheets in January 2019 you will notice a slight difference in them. I have gone thru all the time sheets and have removed (archived) all the riders that have not ridden in a year or more.

Contact those that have faded away and get them

                              back !!!!!

Riders Per Event 2018