Riders Per Event 2018

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December is the last month for the Gymkhana to be held at the fairgrounds.

 The Gymkhana will be moving to the BRANDI FENTON PARK. Most of you know where that is (River and Alvernon). The map over there to the right will give you a better look. Follow the road thru the light and the arena is in the back on the west side of the road. Turn right after the arena for parking.


Good news !!!!! Looks like the 2019 Gymkhana has been a real success.  Take a look at the Events/Riders sheet and you can see why. Lots of riders and rides AND not one bad time in all of them. Yeah, OK, we got rained out a couple of months and then the month of April there was no Gymk. due to the fair.

There were even some lead liners that decided to give up on the lead line thing and go for it on their own.  GOOD GOING !!!!!!

Since we are moving to Brandi Fenton The PC & SWF record times will be retired and we will start all over with Brandi Fenton times. The Overall Record times will keep on a go-in.

I shur hope there is a WI-FI signal out there.

These record times STILL need to be broken:
    Keyhole:  Overall: 17-39 set on 08/09

                      Overall: 40 Plus set in ????
    Poles:  Overall: 10 and under set on 03/12 
                 Overall: 17-39 set on 03/11

                 Overall: 40 Plus set on 10/14
    Mountain Cowhorse:

                 Overall: 10 and under set on 12/11

                 Overall: 40 Plus set on 06/14

    Barrels:  Overall: 10 and under set on 10/11
                     Overall: 17-39 set on 04/10
    Flags:  Overall: 10 and under set on 12/09

                 Overall: 40 Plus set on 10/14

    Figure 8 Cowhhorse:

                 Overall: 11 - 16 set on 05/14

                 Overall: 17 - 39 set on 06/13

                 Overall: 40 Plus set on 06/13

WHATCHA waitin' for ????????????

Kinda wondering what you all think of the digital scoreboard hat we've been using the past few months. Good, bad, indifferent ????  Let us know !!!!! 


As usual I will be going thru the time sheets and purging them of riders that haven't been around for a while.  I do this from time to time just to keep 'em cleaned out.  I archive the riders that I remove from the sheets

Might want to contact those that have faded away and get them back !!!!!


     Riders Per Event 2019

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Lou's Corner


 Don't forget these gems

1.  Ukele Orchestra Of Great Britain

   "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly"

     Pay attention to the guy on the far

     right that is doing the whistling

2.  AMBROSE Part 5 and  The Credit Card Song



  • Junior G-Men Of The Air
  • Any of the Flash Gordon serials
  • Dick Tracy serials
  • Rocky Jones -- Space Ranger

Let me know what you think about all these neat things.
Again --- check out the scores and let me know of mistrakes. The files are all in PDF format so you can print them.
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