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"WE" have had to upgrade our WEB page to a new version. The old version is not being supported anymore. Due to this obnoxious fact I am going thru the bends figuring out how to edit and change things. Hang in there with me folks, I'm getting there !!!!!!!  The page looks pretty much the same - it is the getting there that is the monkey wrench.


The Gymkhana will now be held at the Pima County & Southwestern Fairgrounds. You all know how to get to the fairgrounds (maybe ??). If you don't --- read on and take a gander at the map to the right. Get to Houghton Rd. and go south till you get to Brekke Rd. (South of the freeway). Turn west onto Brekke Rd. and then the first left into the fairgrounds. Turn right on the next road that leads past the covered arena and barns. The arena we (YOU) will use is the first open arena on the right. You won't be able to miss it. Lots of parking.

The arena we are using does not have lights. Due to this fact it looked like the evening Gymkhanas was going to have to be cancelled. NO WAY !!!!! "We" have purchased some lights and will be setting them up and the the May Gymkhana will be the first run. They were set up at another arena and seemed to light it up pretty well - however - nothing like the Wildcat football stadium.

CHECK THIS OUT ----Per some folks request --- We are thinking of running a higher price Jackpot Barrel (we will still run the other one). The cost to enter would be $10.00 or $20.00. This has not been determined yet. Riders can enter only one of the jackpots. If we do this we would probably eliminate the Figure 8 Cowhorse.

These overall record times STILL need to be broken:
    Keyhole:  17-39 set in 2009, 40 Plus set in ????
    Poles:      17-39 set in 2011
    Mountain Cowhorse: 10 and under set in 2011
    Barrels:  10 and under set in 2011, 17-39 set in 2010
    Flags:  10 and under set in 2009

So what ae you all waiting for !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have a bad reaction to bee or wasp stings let us know. We are keeping EPIpens on site  -- just in case.


I'm going to start going thru the time sheets and removing the riders that have not ridden in at least nine months. There are also those that let age get in the way and have moved up  (????) to a new age level. If you know of anybody that hasn't ridden in six months plus please get ahold of them and GET THEM BACK TO OUT GYMK.

Riders Per Event 2016

Riders Per Event 2017


 Don't forget these gems

1.  Ukele Orchestra Of Great Britain

   "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly"

     Pay attention to the guy on the far

     right that is doing the whistling

2.  AMBROSE Part 5 and  The Credit Card Song



  • Junior G-Men Of The Air
  • Any of the Flash Gordon serials
  • Dick Tracy serials
  • Rocky Jones -- Space Ranger

Let me know what you think about all these neat things.
Again --- check out the scores and let me know of mistrakes. The files are all in PDF format so you can print them.
Oh, you want my email ????
Phine. Whatever. (But - Be nice ????)


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